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We put great stock in discovery sessions with you or your representatives. We will know you and you will know us, and we rely on a mutual respect and two-way trust to note from both ends what we believe will work and what will not. We endeavor to know you with the same vigor and energy that you know and serve your clients.


Creative meetings follow an information gathering session. You’ll receive our project proposal, including financial and time budgets. When you grant approval, the work commences. A project’s scope determines activities to which we assign team members, deadlines and review dates.

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FMB Advertising
145 South Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Where it’s done

We could perhaps figure out which came first, the bold ideas or the pioneer spirit, but what really matters is how they collided in full at the dawn of the 21st century. We were among the innovators who saw downtown Knoxville as a gem worth saving, revitalizing our building in 2000. Our corner of downtown, and it’s the literal corner of Gay Street and W. Vine, was a burned out shell of a grand old building with a storied history and is now one that hums with activity, both with creativity on the inside and the bustle of restaurants, condos, retailers and art studios along the street.


From here, we have served clients across North America and in Europe. We have given manufacturers new ideas about products they have made for decades, drawn prospective students and faculty members from around the world and helped financial institutions redefine their clients lists by introducing their clients to new ways of exploring their futures.