FMB Web Design Earns International Award

A university website designed and programmed by FMB Advertising of Knoxville is one of only three school sites worldwide to receive a Gold W3 Award, which honors creative excellence on the web. The more than 2,500-page website of Marymount University of Arlington, Virginia,, was launched in December 2014, just over six months from its […]

Watch Those Royalty Rates

Collegiate merchandising is a multibillion dollar industry with clear benefits to many parties. Consumers enjoy the reflected prestige of a college or university brand. Licensed vendors command higher prices and find eager, accessible markets for a wide variety of products featuring the institution’s name, logo, seal, crest, mascot, color, or other distinctive markings. Colleges and […]

How Word Counts Improve Your Writing

Every writer bucks against word counts. An assignment comes in for 1000. You get to work and suddenly you’re wanting 3000. The story is that good. Or, you’ve got a great concept for a brochure or website — and 30 words to say it. That’s when the craft and art of writing begins. Limits that seem […]

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