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Campbellsville University



Alumni Magazine



In more than ten years of partnership, FMB’s creativity, marketing, branding and communications expertise have served Campbellsville University during an unprecedented decade of growth.


Learning to set higher goals Enrollment and budget have doubled at this private faith-based college in rural Kentucky; campus size has more than doubled; nearly 400,000 square feet of facilities have been added; giving has increased in dollars and numbers of donors.


FMB manages layout and graphic design, editing, printing, mailing and uploading to the Web of the quarterly Campbellsvillian alumni magazine. Redesigned by FMB, the magazine earned CASE awards at the state and District III level. Other projects include a new university logo and graphics standards manual, the annual president’s report, newsletters, university business papers and Christmas cards.  Fueled by rebranding efforts, promotional material, letterhead and expert fundraising and relationship- building materials, a capital campaign broke all school records for donations and speed of success.


FMB is now working closely with the university’s administrative team to implement “Vision 2025,” a bold blueprint for growth.

  • Our Time. This Place! capital campaign for Campbellsville University reached its target quickly into the effort and forced administrators to increase giving goals.
  • Campaign goals were reached an astonishing 15 months early, allowing an  even more aggressive goal to be set.
  • The ambitious second campaign goal was set, reached quickly and increased again.
  • Based on this success, FMB was asked to partner with the university on its next two major capital campaigns forecast before 2025.