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Eastern Kentucky University



Alumni Magazine



Transforming a magazine and its message


A seamless project management system moved each issue of Eastern Kentucky University’s magazine, Eastern, from editorial content to research, writing, design, and cost-saving printing and fulfillment. FMB has crafted an alumni magazine whose every issue was eagerly awaited, read, and passed on for increased readership.  FMB’s capacity to produce a highly effective alumni magazine was enhanced by partnerships with diverse university departments: development, admissions, academics, alumni, online programs, housing, libraries, first year programs, and the president’s office.


Connecting with alumni


Partnering with the editorial board we opened doors and cultivated relationships with successful alumni in fields as varied as pro sports, law enforcement, fashion, space science, chemistry, entertainment, occupational therapy and Kentucky’s horse industry.  In each issue, alumni revisited and re-experienced the school that welcomed, nurtured, trained and believed in them, that helped them build better lives and a better world.


Earned trust resulted in direct access to major donors, trustees and high visibility alumni, while FMB production expertise freed EKU staff for their vital university functions. The result of FMB’s creative and production expertise was an outstanding alumni magazine which promoted the unique  Eastern brand to its multiple publics.


Enhancing content. Containing costs.


Under FMB direction, subtle changes in the print process enhanced the quality and look of the magazine, while our constant research in pricing options uncovered cost-savings, such as discovery of a high-quality, lower priced recycled paper stock.  Sorting and mailing: An example of FMB’s client advocacy was illustrated by utilizing a “co-mailing” process, once conducted exclusively by the U.S. Postal Service.

  • FMB managed fine-sorting of magazine bundles according to postal areas and direct distribution to the appropriate regional post offices.
  • Co-mailing ensured delivery in an average 3-5 days as opposed to the USPS-allowable delivery window of up to 21 days.
  • Significant cost savings and quicker delivery.
  • An international family of 110,000 readers.