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Hiwassee College



Recruiting Materials



The FMB-created 2014 end-of-year giving appeal for Hiwassee College garnered a 70 % increase in gifts, breaking the record over any EOY appeal in the college’s 165-year history. On the heels of success, Hiwassee turned again to its marketing partner to re-brand recruiting.


When Faith is the focus


How does a faith-based school remain true to its religious heritage while encouraging diversity, promote these two seemingly divergent goals, engage prospective students and keep alumni and donors engaged along the way?


Unique challenges and potential


Hiwassee College is a small faith-based college near the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Size, rural location and degree program limitations could be considered formidable drawbacks. However, as an enrollment dean explains, “When students, who find a home at our school, first step foot onto campus, their response typically is, This is exactly what I have been looking for!


Boundless enthusiasm


After research and assessment, FMB created a viewbook to communicate Hiwassee’s distinctive collegiate character to students seeking just such a unique learning environment. The viewbook capitalized on points of difference – instead of avoiding them – drawing it all into one cohesive, engaging story – faithful to Hiwassee’s character, culture and commitment.

  • Every aspect of the language and look of the viewbook, Boundless, communicated the organic values and holistic experience intrinsic to a Hiwassee education – compelling enough to inspire a school visit.
  • One current student summed up, If you wanted to recruit me all over again, this would do it!
  • Metrics from the subsequent travel season confirmed that the mindset and process of turning every challenge into a possibility resonated with our audiences.