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Pfizer, Inc.



Public Service Awareness Campaign



FMB’s awareness campaign for general and physician audiences increased physician visits and prescriptions, becoming a national model for international pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer.


Increasing risk factor awareness…


Our client, Pfizer, Inc., had partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to address the tragically high incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the state. Pfizer came to FMB for a compelling educational campaign to increase public awareness of unseen risk factors such as high triglyceride and cholesterol numbers and high blood pressure. The goal was to increase physician visits to monitor these factors and promote proactive management of CVD. Public information had to conform to the Fry Readability Scale and could not mention either the client nor its products by name.…and proactive physician management statewide


FMB proposed a two-pronged strategy.  Inform physicians of CVD risks and available treatments, including Pfizer products, motivating them to consistently address CVD risk factors with patients. Convince general audiences that unseen risk factors could seriously impact their health, their lives and their families.


Research revealed women are even less likely than men to consider themselves at risk for CVD; a strong emotional appeal encouraged visiting a trusted physician for tests.


Count Me In! FMB organized statewide events in which cardiologists addressed local physicians on CVD risk factors and treatment options. Prominent local physicians and their families were recruited for radio and TV public service announcements.


FMB’s powerfully dramatic PSAs used the theme Count Me In! to help audiences relate to not being there for their families. Each spot’s CTA was to visit a physician for accurate tests of cholesterol, triglycerides, lipids and blood pressure. Educated by client-sponsored events, physicians could more knowledgeably review options for proactive management of CVD cases, often through Pfizer products.

  • FMB-designed strategies were well received across Tennessee’s divergent urban and rural markets from Memphis to East Tennessee Appalachian communities.
  • Campaign reached and exceeded its goals
  • Numbers of physician visits increased across the state
  • Increased consumer awareness of CVD risk factors
  • More proactive physician management:
    • Increased prescription of Pfizer products Lipitor and Norvasc
    • Pfizer, so delighted with results, adopted the FMB strategy as a national model for CVD awareness campaigns