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TVA Credit Union



New Member Marketing Campaign



Client needed a campaign to generate $30 million in new loan business on an outside the box timeframe. The multimedia effort  — newspaper, radio, TV and online platforms — needed to reach across demographic lines and promote a lending rate of 1.76 %. Oh, and they needed it in a week.


An integrated campaign, one designed to draw new customers as well as existing credit union members, needed energy and punch. The need for a rapid response call-to-action was met with creativity and a pop-culture reference that married automobiles to America’s most famous highway.


The creative team crafted an adventurous, “living large” message that adapted the theme of Bobby Troupe’s classic Route 66 to the notion of easy access loan options. The “get your kicks” lyric, made popular through Nat King Cole’s rendition of the tune, was driven home with vintage highway road signage and  retro black and white graphics .


Get your kicks with 1.76% was wildly successful. It created something of a pleasant earworm. Moreover, it made clients do something about the itch for new wheels.

  • Within one month of launch, the client’s $30 million goal for new loan business was met and exceeded.
  • The “Get your kicks on 1.76” campaign was the most successful marketing effort in KTVACU’s 78-year history.
  • Strong internal and branch buy-in generated fresh employee interest.
  •  A by-product of the endeavor was a sense of enthusiasm and shared ownership of the campaign by the staff.
  • The campaign was extended due to exceptional demand and success in attracting new customers.