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Donor Communications



Established in 1986, The Tennessee Fund is a program dedicated to a particular opportunity to raise support through a select group of athletic contributors. FMB was tasked with using collateral garnered over a more than decade-long relationship to craft a 30th season guidebook for the fund.


FMB showcased the varsity sports programs, communicated the giving process, creatively noting gifts levels and extolling the benefits of giving upwardly to increase individual amounts as well as widening the donor base. The effort for the 2015-16 guidebook was a milestone in the endeavor to provide dollars to cover direct expenses, such as travel, academic support and sports medicine, which meant student-athlete packages reached some $100,000 per year.


Vivid graphics and FMB-created logos in the guidebooks showcase the athletic department, players, coaches, programs and facilities. Careful editorial control assured strict adherence to both University of Tennessee brand graphic standards and NCAA promotional guidelines.