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University of Tennessee Medical Center



New Patient Campaign



FMB Advertising helped a research hospital expand its brand awareness in the market and significantly build its physicians’ group practices in a single cost-effective campaign.


Chronic condition – under-utilization. University of Tennessee Medical Center enjoyed high name recognition and top-of-mind awareness as a research hospital. However, while trauma and emergency care operated at capacity, general practitioners at the hospital were chronically under-utilized.


The Medical Center challenged FMB to increase patient visits to its physicians’ offices.


Bringing families to the family practice


Some brands become too restrictive. Research showed that our client was almost exclusively associated with excellent trauma and emergency care, and surgical outcomes. To bring new business to family practices, FMB first identified potent growth areas: newcomers to the region and those seeking high quality primary care near their home or work place. Additionally, we discovered that our target audience is more likely to rely on word-of-mouth, asking trusted friends, than to call a hospital referral line or use other guides to local providers.


FMB’s creative strategy linked our client’s dominant top-of-mind awareness with the traditional, trusted  practice of “asking around for a doctor.” We built a radio and newspaper campaign around the bold, memorable line, “Ask Your Neighbor.” This research- based strategy put the marketing driver in the hands of the general public with whom we knew our client held high prestige, name recognition and top-of-mind awareness.


FMB strategists created a cost-effective campaign that powerfully leveraged the client’s excellent reputation for quality hospital care, delivering the message through the right channels to the   appropriate audience. The campaign confirmed and widened public trust for the institution and  snowballed for our client – quickly surpassing expectations for its success.


Ask Your Neighbor campaign

  • Gained so much momentum, FMB was asked to end the campaign early.
  • Featured physician groups received so many inquiries and added so many new patients and families, their practices quickly reached patient capacity.